The beginning of online casino system did not have any such thing as bonus hunting. However, owing to increasing competition and to be distinct from the rest, bonus offers were made and it did prove much beneficial for the users as the wagering conditions were low compared to the high profits made. These bonus offers proved to be every profitable affairs and players started taking advantage of it.

Growth of Bonus Hunting

The bonus offers and hunting bonuses were not popular in the early years of online casino. However, with advent of time, people started realizing that they could make huge profits by hunting bonus offers and the popularity started growing in Denmark quite rapidly. Thereafter, a number of bonus offers started like welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses etc. They came at the casinos, signed up for one of these bonus offers, played with some low risk deposit and withdrew their amount quickly to be in profit.

Using this method at different casinos on the same day, a player may end up winning a hefty amount at the end of the day. Finally, with airing of a program on Danish TV station about hunting bonus offers, everything changed, people went mad and casinos watched the changes silently.

Casinos against Bonus Hunters

After casinos realized what the bonus hunters could do to their business, they started taking steps to prevent it and steps were taken to counter the act of these bonus hunters. The wagering conditions were made stricter and players needed to deposit higher amounts in order to withdraw their money which of course, was a costly affair for these bonus hunters. Soon after sticky bonuses were introduced which meant no money could be withdrawn even if player was allowed to play games at the casino. The original bonus amount could not be withdrawn but the winning amount could be withdrawn. Also, casinos started banning the risk free betting to make it harder for the bonus hunters to get away with the stricter wagering conditions. Again, with the same purpose other casinos stopped providing low house edge to make it harder for the bonus hunters.

Bonus hunting at present

Though, it is a common phenomenon for the people to search for a bonus and bonus codes for online casinos but the strict wagering conditions make it sure no player gets away with hefty bonus amounts at the end of the day. In fact, the wagering conditions are very much difficult to fulfill and it is not at all profitable to go for these bonuses as it used to be. The players must be aware of the strict conditions imposed by the casinos and play as per the rules to avoid their losses. After all, with growing time, casinos have come a long way and it no longer remains the same scenario for bonus hunters as it used to be in early years of online casinos.